Memorials to the earth

Vanishing captures the fleeting beauty of the earth's ecologies. Katti Sta. Ana creates ceramic sculpture installations from the most elemental of mediums: conveying a sense of rootedness in the land, the cycle of blossoming, descent and demise.

Celebrating the country's marvels of biodiversity, the works memorialize the tangible discovery of nature: fallen leaves, dry earth mingling with branches, the slip and gloss of water running through stone, the primeval strength of roots, tendrils, and ferns.

Yet Vanishing also elicits dismay over the current ecological crisis: over the inaction at the creeping losses, quiet deaths, and vast disappearances of our time. As a quiet memorial to the earth in the face of unprecedented extraction and destruction of nature for profit, Vanishing conveys both wonder and lament at the treasures of this earth, marking its very transience.

-Lisa Ito 

8 Aug 2012

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