Photos by Nataki Bhatti                & Zoe Reznick Gewanter

lli-ili Tulog Anay                     (a Visayan lullaby)

Ili-ili tulog anay,

Wala diri imo nanay.

Kadto tienda bakal papay.

Ili-ili tulog anay.

Sleep for a while.

Your mother is not here.

Went to the market to buy bread.

Sleep for a while.


Carefully wrapping each child's sock puppet in cloth, like folks tucking their children in bed, I sang and hummed the lullaby, then blessed all the wrapped sock puppets with leaves.

One cloth didn't have a sock puppet and it lay outside of the circle, for the child who is not allowed into the art camp. She upset other children. She is angry with the world. Her father just got out of jail so she lives with her grandmother. During one art camp day, a drug bust took place right outside the community art center.

My art camp kids from Better Waverly made sock puppets on their first day. I did a performance about my work with the kids among a community of people learning to make art in community.

7 July 2009

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