Human Constellation

 The Dakota tribe recorded their history through symbols representing significant events in their community that happened in the year. Each year would be represented by a symbol, painted on a robe made of buffalo hide as the year ended. These symbols were painted one by one on a buffalo hide, year after year, in a circular line beginning in the middle and spiraling outwards as the years went by.

 God’s Eyes reminds me of the same “motion pattern”—beginning in the center and woven slowly from the center out. Associated with the Huichol tribe of Mexico, God’s eyes, to me, seem to symbolize the growth of the individual human being. Each one is born of a particular body structure, but the different colors and yarns that weave around and outward show the individual personality and choices each person makes in life. I connected all these individuals as human lives are intertwined.

 Included in this constellation are God’s eyes made by kids from the summer art camp in Better Waverly community art center. I learned to make God’s eyes for them and together we made our first God’s eyes.

-Brown Center, Maryland Institute College of Art, Sept 25-Oct 5, 2009

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